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Melbourne Film Industry Insights

Iloura stands as a premier animation and visual effects studio nestled in the heart of Australia. With facilities in both Melbourne and Sydney, this studio brings together a talented collective of award-winning VFX artists driven by a passion for creativity and technological innovation.


Dedicated entirely to the success of each project, Iloura’s expansive team of over 200 VFX professionals assists productions in captivating audiences across all media platforms.

Though Iloura has earned widespread acclaim for its exceptional 3D and character animation, the studio’s expertise doesn’t end there. It excels in delivering top-notch 2D VFX, matte painting, compositing, FX animation, and on-set supervision, serving the film and television industries with unparalleled results.


Experienced industry professionals.


Casting genuine talents.

Comprehensive Training

Filmmaking, direction, and acting classes.


Pushing creative boundaries.

Explore the Art of VisualEffects 

With iloura.

At its core, Iloura is fueled by a desire to make a significant impact on screen. The studio prides itself on producing high-quality, swift pre-visualisation, ensuring each final shot or sequence is executed flawlessly.


Melbourne emerges as a cost-effective filmmaking city, drawing producers with its appealing production landscape. Both the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Federal Government actively bolster the industry with enticing financial incentives.

In Melbourne, incentive programs function through a straightforward grant system, rewarding productions with a cash rebate upon completion.

Sydney, known for its diverse and picturesque settings and home to Fox Studios, stands out as a sought-after filmmaking destination. Screen NSW offers essential insights and resources for exploring Sydney’s advantages.

The NSW Government’s Film & Television Industry Attraction Program aims to draw “footloose” projects to the state through discretionary rebates.

Negotiated individually for each project, grants from either state can be amalgamated with one of the Federal Government’s incentives, further enhancing the appeal of producing in Australia.

Animation & Visual Effects

Dive into the heart of creativity with Iloura, Australia’s crown jewel in animation and visual effects. Nestled in the vibrant cities of Melbourne and Sydney, we are the go-to hub for artists aspiring to leave their mark on the cinematic universe. 

Digital Series & Content Creation

Welcome to the digital frontier! At Iloura, we’re at the forefront of casting and developing talent for the ever-evolving world of web series and digital content. In this era of boundless creativity, we champion innovative storytelling that captivates audiences across digital landscapes.

Short Films

Elevate your craft with Iloura, where quality projects meet unparalleled opportunity. Our commitment to the art of short films connects aspiring talents with the visionaries behind compelling, succinct narratives.

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